Hire Veterans

  1. Discipline - One of the traits of military service is the ability to be very disciplined. 

  2. Professionalism - Veterans are used to maintaining dress, grooming and physical fitness standards.

  3. Can-Do Attitude - Military members are taught that failure is not an option, so itis part of veterans’ work ethic to “complete the mission” in spite of obstacles. 

  4. Integrity - Veterans have strong moral compasses. Leadership Many veterans have been in one leadership position or another over the course of a career, so they knowhow to give orders, take orders and lead by example. 

  5. Organization - Military members and, consequently, veterans quickly learn how to organize and account for resources under their responsibility. 

  6. Team Building - Part of the training received in the military is how to assemble agroup of people from diverse backgrounds and get them to work together.