7 Tips for Writing Effective Job Ads

1 - Understandable Job Title

The job title is usually the first thing a job seeker will see of your job ad. It’s important to keep things simple and understandable when it comes to writing job titles.  Use commonly understood job titles in your ads.  Some examples might be “Garage Door Installer”, “Garage Door Service Tech” or “Outside Salesperson”.

2 - Supportive Language

Supportive job ads are written such that the needs of the company are matched with what the company can supply to the candidate you’re trying to reach. The job ad is focused on telling the candidate what is expected of them, but also what the candidate can expect of the company. A typical sentence from a Supportive job ad: “As a member of the production team, you will be expected to work independently and complete projects on time and on budget. We will help you achieve your career goals by continuous training and regular career progression reviews.”

3 - Required Skills Clearly Stated

When specifying which skills the right candidate needs to have in order to be successful in the role, it is vitally important that you spell out the primary skills that are essential for a candidate to do this job. An example when recruiting technicians may look something like this.

·       Excellent mechanical skills

·       Proficient with using power tools

·       No fear of working at heights

·       Good driving skills and clean record

·       Ability to lift 75 pounds

4 - Use Headings 

Can you imagine if installation instructions had no headings? It’d just be one big block of text that’d take ages for you to navigate and wade your way through – no fun! Yet, many recruiters take this approach when creating job ads. Headings help to structure a job ad and make it easy to navigate for the reader – which is essential if you want the right candidate to keep reading. It also lets them easily scan the ad for the most important details like required skills, salary, application instructions, and your contact details.

5 - Salary Range

According to a study conducted by SMART Recruit Online, when job ads include a salary range, they get over 30% more applicants. And in addition to that statistic, Jobsite also found that drop off rates for job ads without salary details are between 25-35%. That means that your potential candidate pool shrinks drastically when you don’t include a salary range in your job ad. Don’t forget too, that the no.1 reason why employees leave companies is to ‘seek higher pay elsewhere.’ So, if you’re not going to offer them that, shouldn’t you be upfront about it before you waste their time and yours?

6 - Your Contact Details / Application Instructions

What do you need the right candidate to do once the finish reading your job ad? You’d like them to apply, right?  So make sure you tell them how to do just that. You’d think this was an obvious step to take, but you’d be amazed at the number of recruiters who forget it! Clearly state how to apply, “apply online by clicking here”, “send resume to”, “apply via our website, go to” or “apply in person 1234 Main Street, Anytown, USA”.

7 - Fringe Benefits & Time Off

If you offer fringe benefits like medical, dental, a retirement or profit sharing plan state it clearly in your ad.  As much as pay and benefits, today’s jobseeker is also interested in a career with life balance so time off is critical. If you offer vacation and holiday paid time off, list it.