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Are Sales Professionals or "Order Takers" Representing Your Business?

There's a big difference. Professional sales people are better equipped to close more business, sell higher end products and get more for them. They understand that selling on the basis of value, not price, is a winning strategy for a profit motivated businesses. The reason so many sales people in the garage door industry are focused on price alone is mostly due to the lack of training. In many instances they're given a price book, brochures, samples and a vehicle and sent out on their own, often with little or no training.

Consider providing professional sales training for your team. The Apple Group offers LIVE, interactive online training provided by industry veteran, Dan Apple. Each session is done specifically for your company and scheduled at your convenience.

Garage Doors 102:  Introduction to Selling

Never had any formal sales training? This seminar is for garage door personnel who are new to selling. It covers the fundamentals of selling as a 7-step process. This seminar is perfect for anyone new to the garage door industry, including tech trainees, sales people, customer service or administrative personnel.   Click here to sign up.


Sales Pros VS Order Takers

Any idiot can sell price! This seminar focuses on how professional sales people sell value, not price. Learn how to overcome price objections to win more sales at a higher price. We’ll discuss the process of making presentations versus just giving quotes. There will be a role-play exercise to demonstrate how the process works.  Click here to sign up.