Writing Winning Job Ads

Writing an "eye grabbing" job ad requires a little thought. Mostly, you have to put yourself in the job seekers position.  What would you want to see? Simple, easy to read and concise is better. Remember, your ad will not sell the applicant on the position, that's your job during the interview.  Here are 5 tips to consider.

  1. KEEP IT SIMPLE Make your postings easy on the eyes and easy to read. Use bullet points, boldface, italics, numbering, and paragraph breaks to do this. 
  2. CUT TO THE CHASE It may be tempting to list every minute detail of the job to ensure you get the most qualified candidates applying. But, as tip number one above states, simplicity is better. Pick out the top five to seven duties and list those, preferably in a bullet point or numbered format.
  3. SELL IT Don’t forget to sell yourself. Explain why the candidate would want to work for you. Is there something particularly unique and/or awesome about your company? Include it. If you’re willing, add a salary range and what sort of benefits the job will have.
  4. CONTACT INFO Make sure you have contact information or a link for interested candidates to easily apply. Put a link for your company website, or even better add links to your company’s social media pages.
  5. USE GRAPHICS Bring your ad to life by adding company photos of your facility and employees.  Put a face behind the name. Perhaps include a brief video about your company. Strategic use of graphics will get you noticed and set your ad apart from other employers.

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