5 reasons to consider a CSR position

So you‘re thinking about working as a customer service rep (CSR) in the garage door industry, but you’re not sure if it’s the right move for you? We’ve put together a handy guide that will talk you through the benefits of working within this exciting area.

#1 - Interacting with the public

The main benefit of having a customer service job is that you can interact with members of the public day in, day out. If you are a sociable and outgoing person, then this should be a major draw for you.  As a CSR you will work with all types of customers and members of your own team.  Customers in the door business include homeowners, builders, contractors, building managers and industrial clients.  All need the same thing from you...your help with keeping their garage doors operational and secure.  You are often the primary point of contact of the company which allows you the unique ability to build lasting relationships.

#2 - The ability to help people

The main purpose of your role as a CSR will be to help people resolve their issues. It can be a homeowner who can't get their car out of the garage.  Or a fire department that depends on their bay doors working to respond to alarms.  Often it is just explaining how to solve simple DIY problems.  In this business the CSR handles problems, schedules service appointments and works with other people in their organization to meet the customer's needs.  For most of us, helping others results in feeling good about ourselves and the job we are doing. The pace is often hectic but  and results in a massive boost in helps the day really whizz by.

#3 - Team Spirit

You may think that sitting with a headset on, talking to customers on the phone for most of the day would prohibit a lively and vibrant atmosphere. With most customer service jobs in the garage door industry, the opposite is true.   There is a healthy amount of camaraderie present among staff.  While you deal with each customer individually, you will only be able to help solve their problem through plenty of collaboration with colleagues to reach a decent resolution.  These include team members such as technicians, sales people, accounting staff and management.

#4 - Transferable Skills

A customer service position will provide you with many transferable skills that you’ll be able to use in other roles in the garage door business such as sales, finance and management.  From dealing with the public to managing workload, from liaising with other departments to using your initiative, nearly all of the experience you gain in a customer service job will benefit you in your next career move.

#5 - Promotion Possibilities

No job can be truly enjoyable unless it offers you a decent chance to progress through the ranks, and most CSR jobs are structured in such a way that advancement is more than possible for the right candidate.  Possible promotions could be to dispatcher, operations manager, inside or outside sales and beyond.  As a CSR you will be well grounded with the basic skills needed to perform at a higher level if you apply yourself.

If you're interested in becoming a customer service rep, register on, post your resume (it's free) and then look over the jobs listed to see if there's one for you.  If you post your resume, even if you don't see a job now, employers seeking to hire a CSR will be able to find you.