Benefits of a career in sales

A sales career in the garage door business offers the opportunity of financial success and provides a sense of accomplishment and pride with each new sale. What are the benefits of a career in sales?

Transferable skills, creating a challenging career

The skills developed in a sales career are abundant and provide a desirable career path for many professionals. Unlike many other careers you will not feel pigeonholed in one product or service; once you have the skills to sell successfully you can transfer your skills and move between the full offering of residential an d commercial products, providing new challenges and the opportunity to move your career in a forward direction. in 2018, job postings listed on our site advertised an annual income of $45,000 - $100,000 plus fringe benefits. Of course, compensation plans will differ with each employer and by region but in general the average pay for this position is very attractive.

Great earning potential

"The financial rewards can be significant and if you are willing to create new opportunities and have the drive to succeed the earning potential can seem limitless." - Nick Louca, Associate Director, Robert Walters, New York.  The pay structure will vary at each company but will generally involve a base salary plus commission, bonus and additional benefits. The best part of this profession is your ability to control your income through performance.  Basically the more sales success you achieve, the more money you make.  As opposed to a job where you earn a fixed hourly rate or salary, depending on a raise to move up financially.  


A day in sales is what you make of it and there is little time for clock-watching and a nine-to-five mentality. A job in sales often provides a freedom where you can generally structure your own day and manage your own time, whether you are in the office, showroom or out on the road meeting with customers.

Social Interaction

A career in sales provides the opportunity to meet a variety of people including homeowners, general contractors, home builders, architects, industrial plant managers and many others. It is almost a guarantee that each day you will talk to someone new, from a different walk of life, that will teach you something interesting you didn’t already know. As a salesperson, you create for yourself a great career network that will help foster your career and often last a lifetime.

Continual learning

A career in sales means you never stop learning.  From the vast networks of people you will meet to the continual changes in the products and services that impact your job,  you’ll never have time to feel uninspired in the career you’ve chosen. 

"One of the best parts of a career in sales is that it is undefined - it’s hard for any sales person to describe their typical day because there is no typical day" says Nick Louca.

A day can involve researching new products, meeting with new customers, improving relationships with existing clients or strategizing sales growth with other sales people or management. It’s a profession with lots of variety that is seldom boring.


There is a great deal of satisfaction that comes from successfully closing a sale. Satisfaction can come in a variety of ways from professional satisfaction, usually generated from financial rewards and the acknowledgement by your company's management of a job well done.  Perhaps the greatest satisfaction is the feeling of self-confidence and pride. So if you are considering a career in sales you can see there are many benefits which make it a successful and rewarding career.


If you're interested in moving into sales, register on, post your resume (it's free) and then look over the jobs listed to see if there's one for you.  If you post your resume, even if you don't see a job now, employers seeking to hire a sales person will be able to find you.