HH Staffing Services

Since our inception in January 1988 as Helping Hands Staffing Services, (rebranded for brevity as HH Staffing) our team has built and fostered a belief that our duty is more than just finding a match between a client’s need and a person who can fulfill that need.

Our first ethos is that HH Staffing is committed to helping our clients find the perfect person who can contribute to their team’s success. Whether it is for a project, contract, temp-to-hire or direct hire role, HH Staffing will work to understand our client’s workplace culture as well the specific tangible and intangible skills required and then we will match the right person to our clients identified needs.

Our second ethos is a dedication and passion for helping people who we work with to find meaningful career opportunities. HH Staffing understands that transitioning to a new career is difficult and at times very stressful. Regardless of the role or position desired, we understand that the people we work with are not just looking for a paycheck. They are people with dreams, aspirations and goals and the career choices they make affect their lives greatly. HH Staffing strives to understand this complex set of dynamics and present opportunities that match these dreams, aspirations and goals exactly.

HH Staffing helps find that perfect spot where the needs and goals of both parties intersect and create a bridge that allow a mutually beneficial career opportunity.