Job Interview Tips

Interview Tips for Job Seekers

First impressions are important, especially when interviewing for a job.  How you look, what you say and how you present yourself to the prospective employer matters.  While it is important to be yourself, that advice comes along with being professional.  Employers are looking for people who will fit with their team and with any luck work for their company a long time.  Most are looking for "A players", people who will do a consistently outstanding job and want more for their career than just "making 8".  Making a good, lasting impression is not all that difficult.  Here are 10 tips.

  1. Be on time, or even a few minutes early.
  2. Look sharp.  Be neat.  Dress appropriately.  More about this by clicking on the article below.
  3. Do some research about the employer's company prior to the interview.
  4. Listen carefully to the interviewers questions before responding.
  5. Take notes during the interview just in case you have questions later.
  6. Be prepared to talk about your past experience and unique skills in detail.
  7. State why you want this particular job with this specific company.
  8. Use appropriate business language. Casual conversation is okay but avoid off color or slang terms.
  9. Be willing to explain and justify your desired salary range.
  10. Ask for the job! If you you meet the requirements and have done a good job in the interview, ask for the job.

Here are three articles about interviewing for jobs.  Each one takes less than 5 minutes to read.  The interviewing tips you make pick up from these could make all the difference in getting the job you really want.  Good luck!

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