Jan 02, 2020

Garage Door Technician

  • Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky
  • Cincinnati, OH, USA
Full time   Garage Door Service Tech

Job Description

Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky is hiring both Residential and Commercial Garage Door Technicians.

A Garage Door Technician for Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky provides installation and service for both residential and commercial/industrial doors, garage door opening systems, and dock leveling systems. Most installation and service work is done on new construction or replacement of existing doors, opener systems, dock leveling systems.

Technicians have specific responsibilities in the areas of record keeping for customer billing, time cards for compensation, maintaining service vehicles and equipment, product education and training, safety training, housekeeping at the warehouse and shop, job-site housekeeping, and miscellaneous duties as required by the installation supervisor.

Because of the nature of door systems, these systems may play a critical role in both business continuity for the customer, as well as revenue generation. Accordingly, problems with these types of systems may require immediate and prioritized attention to repair and/or replacement.

Installation technicians are the first line of support for our customers and are expected to maintain a neat and clean appearance and to treat all customers with decency and respect at all times, regardless of the customer’s mood or disposition

Position Qualifications:
 Must posses a current valid driver’s license.
 Must be able to pass a standard drug test.
 Must have good mechanical aptitude and demonstrated ability to understand and work with common power tools.
 Must be able to lift up to 80 pounds and carry for a distance of up to 50 feet.
 Must be able to read and write legibly and accurately.
 Must be able to communicate over a telephone – landline and cellular.
 Must be able to communicate in English.
 Must have good eyesight or wear corrective lenses (glasses or contacts).
 Must be able to walk and carry items on uneven ground.
 Must be able to climb and work from a ladder height of 24’ – 30’.
 Must to be able to operate and work from a hydraulic lift reaching heights of up to 40’.
 Must be able to safely operate a motorized forklift to lift and maneuver extremely heavy objects.
 Must be able to safely drive a pick-up truck during the day, at night, and in inclement weather conditions.
 Must be able to work in extreme heat and cold.
 Must be able to work in a dirty, dusty, oily environment.
 Must have manual dexterity in both hands, which allows the use of a hand tool.
 Must have basic arithmetic skills to allow basic addition and subtraction.
 Must have neat appearance.

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