Jan 09, 2020

Residential Operations Manager

$50,000 - $80,000 yearly
  • Raynor Hawaii Overhead Doors and Gates Inc
  • Pearl City, HI, USA
Full time   Operations Manager

Job Description

Help us become even better.  Working alongside our commercial operations manager you will be a key part of our management team and enjoy influencing the direction of the company in the years ahead.  After you meet the time on the job required you will appreciate paid time off, vacation time, paid holidays, medical insurance for yourself and 3% 401K contributions as well as profit sharing and bonuses.

Residential Operations Manager

This position exists to ensure customers who purchase from us feel 100% satisfied and co-ordinate efficient installations

Duties include answering phones, reviewing files turned in by salespeople, ordering product from correct suppliers, reviewing acknowledgements and correcting any errors, assembling a list of incoming doors using excel spreadsheets and word documents, working with the sales people to schedule installations, preparing the job paperwork for the warehouse to pull orders, overseeing load out in mornings, following up with the installer to verify job completion, tracking stock levels and ordering material to replenish as necessary.



Maintain and enhance our reputation as the finest garage door company in Hawaii.  This will be accomplished by:

Answering incoming calls promptly including stating clearly “Raynor Hawaii Overhead Doors – this is_______________ how may I help you?”

Returning all calls that you are unable to take within an hour.

Resolving all customer requests to their complete satisfaction within 24 hours.  This means the customer knows the solution that will be implemented, knows the schedule and is comfortable and happy with the expected schedule and the outcome.

Tracking every customer request in an organized way so they are completed on time.

Touching each customer who has a service need that goes on longer than 2 weeks at least every 2 weeks with an update so that they are kept informed of progress and know we have not forgotten them.

Responding to all requests from Mike Markley, Peter Eldridge and Lyanna Nakoa within 2 hours to acknowledge receipt of the request and commit to when the request will be completed.

All invoicing will be completed by close of business the day following each installation.  Tract billings may be lumped together if approved by the general manager.

Orders turned in by sales people will be placed by the following day.

Verifying the expected installation/repair 24 hours before scheduled time with customer.

After verifying installation, paperwork for the next day’s installations will be downstairs by noon the day before (Checklist for loading, proposal and notes for installer).  Any parts from the Service Parts Room will be pulled by you and left in the appropriate installer bin.

The checklist for loading will include a breakdown of all door and operator parts as well as any miscellaneous parts necessary for a complete installation per the contract and written notes from the sales person.

All instructions to the installers (ie schedule, home owner’s expectations, etc) will be given in writing each morning to the installers.

The expectation for a journeyman’s hours to complete installations are as follows:

                2 – Residential doors per day if normal residential installs

                3 – Tract doors per day if normal size doors

When 2 men are sent to a job due to help needed the expectation would be that each door will take less time so overall hours should be reduced accordingly. 

Res. Ops will schedule with this in mind and review time sheets weekly for variations to this and take steps to insure productivity targets are met.

 Each load will be checked before the installer leaves to be sure the correct material is on the truck.

Installers will have their paperwork prepared ahead of time and their load waiting at the warehouse so they can leave with a correctly loaded truck within 20 minutes of when they arrive.  If there are multiple jobs the allowance is 20 minutes per job.

You will only be in the warehouse with a purpose – if you are needed to check a load or to clarify some details you may be in the warehouse.

You will be busy and trusted with responsibility as you lead your team of 3-4 installers and 1-3 sales people to success.

Relocation and previous Garage Door experience required.

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